NBN Help

Connectivity of your home phone and internet is something of a hassle with the NBN in the highlands area. I can help you out with the installation of your modem and home phone on the NBN, and get all your wireless devices talking to each other and you online again.

Honest Advice

Advice for what kind of device you need and how much you would need to spend depending on what things you were wanting to achieve with your devices. Future-proofing, requirements and budget are all considered in this process and I will work to find a cost effective happy medium for a solution that is right for you.

Explanation and Tutorials

A lot of words these days are alien to many of us, but we can get to the bottom of them. I am able to explain and decode this jargon into more plain English terms that you can understand.


Small networking jobs like setting up new modems, WiFi boosters, connecting/reconnecting all your devices to your network are all things I can do for you. These services are handy if your modem has been zapped in all the storms we get in the highlands. Setting up file sharing on computers as well as Chromecasts and Apple TVs are other things I can do.

Device & Software Installations

If you have purchased a new computer, printer, mobile phone, software like windows or internet security; I shall be able to install and set up your device for you in a clean and professional manner, and show you the ropes of how it functions if you needed that extra information.

Custom Builds and purchases

Want a computer built to your specification? That is something that can be done for you, or in order to help minimise cost to you further I can do the shopping for you and get hold of a pre-built branded computer to suit your needs - with no build time required. Just the setup.


If you are getting peculiar pop up ads, an annoying toolbar and weird home pages... or your computer is just not working like it should or you're used to it working due to a virus or other unknown cases. I am only happy to have a look at it for you. Data backup is also a proactive idea in advance of things going wrong, I am able to discuss and implement a solution with you to back up your data just in case (things like viruses, needing a reset to refresh your computer etc. can all warrant having some kind of backup solution).


If it is a quick question I am happy to step you through something over the phone or potentially remotely access your machine to have a look. Or come into the shop and show me or my father if that is better for you.